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Custom Club Fitting

CUSTOM CLUB FITTING……using the fantastic GC2 launch monitor

There is no such thing as an average golfer or a standard set of golf clubs. Buying golf clubs without an individual club fitting is like buying a pair of shoes without checking the size!

Custom fitting is the process for tailoring a golf club to suit your individual swing. Manufacturers build clubs to their own standard, but there is no ‘generic’ standard throughout golf.

It is a myth to think you are not good enough to use custom fitted clubs, whether you have been playing golf for twenty years, or have just started out, your game WILL improve through custom fitting.

The following variables are considered when custom fitting golf clubs:

Shaft length: Among other things, shaft length impacts on exactly where on the clubface the ball is struck.

Lie Angle: This is the angle formed by the shaft and sole of the club. An incorrect lie angle can result in shots travelling left or right of target.

Loft Angle: The angle formed by the clubface can be adjusted dependent on the golfers ball flight.

Club Head & Ball Speed: Information recorded and used to establish correct shaft and head combination.

Shaft Flex: Shaft flex affects trajectory, accuracy, distance and consistency of shots.

Shaft Type: The composition of steel and graphite shafts, their kick (bend) points, swing weights and torque ratings are considerations.

Grip Size: The correct grip size can impact on the golfers ability to deliver the clubface squarely at impact, affecting direction. Also, with such a variety of grip compositions, personal preference is a determining factor.

Clubhead Design: A major consideration largely decided by the level of player. The wide variety of clubheads available allows a truly individual custom fit.

Set Make Up: The introduction of hybrid clubs now offers golfers a wider range of club choice to carry in their bags. Numerous designs and individual adjustments in loft, face angle and weighting in woods and hybrids make the need for professional custom club fitting more important. Along with the options of specialist wedges (loft and bounce angles).

FAQ’s About Custom Club Fitting

How big a difference will it make?

Custom fitting won’t cure all your bad shots. Regular lessons will help to develop a more consistent swing. However the custom fit process will help to ensure that the club arrives correctly at impact, producing longer and straighter shots, reducing your scores and increasing your enjoyment of the game.

How much does it cost?

Custom club fitting is very affordable. MT Golf charge a fee of £30.00 for individual fitting sessions (usually 45 mins) in their indoor swing studio or outside in the covered practice bay. This charge is refunded when ordering any new equipment.

Where can custom fitting be done?

Custom Club fitting can be carried out at either of the MT Golf Academy venues, or alternatively by providing some simple measurements over the phone or by email e.g. height, distance wrist to floor. Information such as gender, age, handicap and average length of 7-iron etc. is also required. The clubs would then be ordered to your personal specification.

For more information on custom club fitting, please email Mark Tyler via the contact page of the website, or call 01274 542 767 (option 1).

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