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Golf Xtreme is the golf game and programme for secondary schools that is similar to the golf you see Tiger Woods play, but is actually a completely new game for young teenagers.

Mark delivers Golf Xtreme in such a way that it combines some of the best parts of the traditional sport – hitting balls a long way at different and interesting targets – with various scoring systems created specifically for the group, team games encouraging individual participation and fitness, and vital safety considerations for everyone involved. Golf Xtreme is designed with the 11 to 15 year old in mind – the boy and girl who’s outgrown Tri-Golf.

After many years of experience coaching in schools, Mark has recognised that the young teenager can be difficult to please. Mark is convinced that Golf Xtreme will excite this pupil, lay the foundations of a good golf technique, and keep him/her active and enthused. The overall result is one of the most exciting additions to the school sports scene for a long time.


Golf Xtreme equipment has been designed to look and perform like a traditional golf club but is much lighter and child friendly, along with reduced flight balls to ensure maximum safety on school sites with surrounding property and limited space. Marks delivery of the programme is through games and activities that help develop the skills of young people in a fun structure.

Why Golf in Secondary Schools?

  • Golf Xtreme is a new activity that is fun, inclusive and can engage pupils previously disengaged from traditional team sports delivered in schools.
  • Golf Xtreme can be a high-energy game that helps with PE and fitness.
  • Golf actively promotes honesty and integrity among its players, and sportsmanship and good behaviour follows.
  • Golf Xtreme can be played in a variety of places at school, offering flexibility for the games lesson.
  • Golf Xtreme has an informal ‘street’ feel which puts less pressure on individual players who have a less competitive nature.
  • Thanks to high profile Professional players such as Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie, golf has more credibility with young people who want to try this fast-changing sport for themselves.

FAQ’s about Golf Xtreme

How can Golf Xtreme be safe for secondary school pupils with metal clubs?
Safety is dealt with as a priority in all sessions, with designated safety areas and a variety of playing formats, along with the short flight ball ensuring the safest delivery possible in all venues.
I think golf is slow and boring. How does this fit into PE in schools?
Many pupils need different activities to those traditionally offered. As part of the Golf Xtreme programme there are plenty of fun games to play and a number of exciting playing formats such as ‘GFX-Speed’, where pupils complete a course as quickly as possible.

To discuss your requirements within your school or organisation, or for more information please contact Mark Tyler via the contact page of the website or telephone 07986 969 853.

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