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A school golf day provides the perfect opportunity for primary school aged children to experience golf in a safe, fun and exciting way. The day combines teaching and education with fun innovative games and activities using Tri-Golf equipment.

Each class has approximately 45-60 minutes of golf time during which they learn how to use the equipment safely, before being divided into small teams and set a range of putting, chipping and pitching activities. Points are awarded for achieving certain targets throughout the session, creating an exciting competitive environment. At the end of each individual class session, team points and class points are collated and the results are posted at the end of the day. A certificate is awarded to the class with the most points, along with other rewards during the day e.g. most improved golfer, top chipper.

All schools taking part will be able to follow their progress on the MT Golf website, where the school league table will be published. The school attaining the most points during the year will be awarded an overall trophy.


Tri-Golf equipment is the only adapted golf resource developed specifically for use in British schools and is the safest equipment available. The equipment consists of bright plastic clubs with oversized heads, and a variety of over-sized foam balls and other items needed to run the games and activities. The clubs have been specially designed so that they are safe to use in the school environment and make it easy for the children to achieve success.

FAQ’s about Golf Days

Do you have to book a full day of golf?
No. Half days are also available.

How much space is needed to run a golf day?
An area the size of most school halls is ideal.

Can the equipment be used indoors?
Yes. The clubs are plastic and the balls made of foam. This makes it perfect to run in a school hall.

What opportunities are available to children after the golf day?
Children will have the opportunity to continue their learning at a local community golf facility, providing them with a continued educational pathway into the game.

To discuss your requirements within your school or for more information please contact Mark Tyler via the contact page of the website.

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