404 Tri-Golf for schools and oganisations


Mark works extensively with schools and organisations within North and West Yorkshire, delivering the Golf Foundations Tri-Golf programme.

Tri-Golf is a mini version of golf designed specifically for use by young children in primary and junior schools. The introduction of Tri-Golf has made it possible for the education sector and golfing community to work closely together for the benefit of the schools, clubs and the young people in a situation where everybody wins.

  • Tri-Golf is now reaching approximately 500,000 young children per year across the British Isles.
  • Tri-Golf is delivered through fun-based activity sessions involving large groups of youngsters.
  • Tri-Golf has made it possible for golf to be taken into almost any environment.
  • Tri-Golf has been used to encourage girls to participate in sport.
  • Tri-Golf is helping to encourage responsible social behaviour because of golf’s emphasis on honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship.
  • Tri-Golf has been used within schools to teach not only P.E., but also maths, citizenship and other subjects.


Tri-Golf equipment is the only adapted golf resource developed specifically for use in British schools and is the safest equipment available. The equipment consists of bright plastic clubs with oversized heads, and a variety of over-sized foam balls and other items needed to run the games and activities. The clubs have been specially designed so that they are safe to use in the school environment and make it easy for the children to achieve success.

FAQ’s about Tri-Golf

Can the equipment be used indoors?
Yes. The clubs are plastic and the balls made of foam. This makes it perfect to run in a school hall.
When do the sessions take place?
Sessions can be held during curriculum time involving a full class, or arranged as an out of school activity/club.
How technical is Tri-Golf?
Golfing concepts and skills are introduced through fun activities and games rather than technical instruction.

To discuss your requirements within your school or organisation, or for more information please contact Mark Tyler via the contact page of the website.

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