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The season may be over but why not take advantage of this great offer available until end November 2015. During the 30 minute appointment at West Bradford Golf Club Pro Shop we will……. 1. Assess your game/swing in our INDOOR swing studio. 2. Check your golf club loft and lies and grip condition. 3. Make a recommendation based on […]


The new season will soon be upon us, so take advantage of this great offer available until end February 2015. During the 30 minute appointment at West Bradford Golf Club Pro Shop we will……. 1. Assess your game/swing in our state of the art indoor swing studio using our Pro Tee 2 simulator, GASP video analysis […]


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Get ready to take……..AIM!

Remember Golf is a TARGET GAME. This may sound obvious but I have lost count of how many golfers don’t aim properly when they play or practice. Most golfers understand the principal of aiming but because the human eyes are designed to look directly at something, the moment you stand sidewards to a target (as […]

Golf season nearly here!

With the start of the season nearly upon us, now is the perfect time to book a lesson. Even the worlds top players have regular coaching……why not join them and reach your full potential?

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